Early History

The History of St Brigid's School Midland's first Catholic Church school was opened and blessed on February 2, 1902, by Bishop Gibney. 

Until the convent building was completed in 1906, the foundress, mother Mary, John, Stuart and her Sisters of Mercy, traveled daily from their convent in Guildford. About 35 children attended the school in the first year. Partitions divided the church school into classrooms, and a screen was used to cut the altar from view during the week. These first students saw the new convent being built on the corner site. The building was officially opened and blessed on Sunday, March 25, 1906. 

Until 1911, when a change in church policy resulted in the Foundations reverting to the central novitiate Victoria of Square, the Midland Convent, was occupied by six Sisters of Mercy and seven postulants, some of whom were former students. During this time the second floor of the convent housed the high school students, some of whom were boarders. The majority of children attended the lower school in the Church. 

The years after World War I saw a growth in the School and a number of changes. In 1919 the new School hall was built along the Dudley Street boundary. The building consisted of a 2-roomed raised sections and a lower hall with partitions to separate classes. With the partitions removed the building was used for dances, concerts and meetings. About this time, new toilets were connected to the town's sewerage system. Later a tin hall, bought by the Parish from the Blackboy Hill Army Camp, was set up alongside the Church. 

The Sisters of Mercy continued to teach in the School and live at the Convent. As early as 1903, lay staff were employed to teach the growing number of students. By 1942 enrollments had increased to 215 and in 1959 to 289.

1950's - 1970's

A major change came in 1954 when La Salle College, for boys, was built. Until then both boys and girls had attended St Brigid's. La Salle catered for boys from year 4 upwards, leaving St Brigid's with boys in years one to three and girls from year one to third year high school level. In February, 1962 a new brick building was completed and occupied by the second and third year high school girls. 

Enrollments continued to grow, putting a strain on facilities, by 1963, 320 children were enrolled and over the next two years enrollment was restricted. Renovations were carried out on the Dudley Street building, with a verandah being added and tennis and basketball courts being built. 

In 1969, the new Church was opened and consecrated by His Grace Archbishop Goody. The original Church was quickly converted into three teaching areas, and the old tin shed removed. 

In 1972, the Sisters of Mercy taught their final year at St Brigid's. After 70 years of administration by the Sisters of Mercy, the School was taken by the Sisters of St Joseph, under the Principal Sr. Maria Rosa. In 1973, boys remained at St Brigid's for year four and the high school girls transferred to La Salle to form a co-institutional college, which became fully co-educational in 1974. By 1977, St Brigid's was operating as a fully co-education primary school. 

During the 1970's, many alterations and improvements took place. The raised section of the Dudley Street building was lowered and renovated, three demountable classrooms were added and the Parish Youth Centre was used as a classroom. 

In 1977, the Convent building underwent internal reconstruction to provide five teaching areas, two offices, staffrooms, a resource centre, withdrawal rooms and a wet area. These, with the existing eight teaching areas and library, provided for the 355 pupils enrolled. Seventy-one years after its first dedication, the renovated building was officially opened and blessed by Bishop Healy on November 27, 1977. 

The primary school population remained steady at approximately 350 students. A pre-primary class was opened in 1980, occupying what was formerly the Parish Youth Centre. For the first time in the School's history, a lay principal was appointed in 1988. Enrolments peaked at 410. For several years there had been plans to relocate the school due to the need to upgrade facilities and the need to respond to increasing enrolments. 

Recent History

New school buildings were finally opened on the current site in October 1991. This present School is now 'home' for over 500 children. 

In 1999, a kindergarten building was added and St Brigid's catered for the education of four year olds for the first time. This development was accompanied by an upgrading of the School's oval. In 2000, the library was extended and a multipurpose room was built near the oval, as was an undercover area. 

In 2010 the latest addition to our school facilities was the MacKillop Centre, a multi-purpose hall which became the centre for our assemblies, social events, before school supervision and winter physical education and new toilets in the Pre Primary area.