We believe that a Catholic school is a Christian community with a common vision which is centered on the person of Jesus and His teachings. Christian values such as respect, concern, care, compassion and forgiveness are seen in the relationships among all who make up the school community - students, staff, parents and parish. It is a place where staff and students participate in the sacramental and liturgical life of the school and parish. 


In a Catholic school, the atmosphere and the programs provide the conditions for the faith of staff and students to be active and to be continually growing. Consequently, Religious Education is explicitly taught and the total curriculum is designed and implemented within the context of Catholic values and attitudes. The curriculum of the Catholic school provides for the total growth of the child and so offers a variety of experiences which will give the student a good educational grounding. 


The education offered at St Brigid's should prepare each student for further education. Each student should also develop a personal relationship with Christ and a desire to be an active member of the Church community. In such an environment, we believe each student will come to believe in his/her worth as an individual and as a child of God.